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10 Day Doctor’s Appointment

I went to my pediatrician today for a 10 day check-up.  Everything checked out A-OK.

I now way 8 lbs, 3 oz.  This, unfortunately is 1 lb, 7 oz gained since my birth weight.

Mom and Dad are now sending me to The Biggest Loser.  I hope I can win.

Max in His Movie Introduction to Aunt Beth and Uncle Mike

I felt the only true way to be introduced to Aunt Beth and Uncle Mike is by showing off my modeling poses and my newly found ability to wave and hiccup.  So, I had my dad make a video introduction to make it official.


Max Leaving the Hospital

Mom and Dad made a little video of them taking me home from the hospital.


My First Week Home

Mom and Dad didn’t get much sleep the past few days, but they hid it well as I had some visitors this week at my house.   I had my first doctors appointment today and everything checked out A-OK.

I lost some weight since leaving the hospital (normal) but gained some back.  Here are some of the latest pictures…

My First Pictures

Let’s see.  It is 10:30 PM on Monday evening.  I was born just 17 hours ago.  Mom is at the hospital, getting some rest.  Dad is typing this post.  He should be getting some rest.  But, alas, the computer geeks work is never done.  My first pictures.


I was born at 5:25 am. I weighed 7 pounds 12 ounces.

Moving fast

Things are moving fast. Kim is at 9 cm and just got the epi. Should be pushing any minute. Baby is close.

Water broke.

Kims water broke. We are at the hospital.

Raising Max via the Internet

I get all of my information from the Net.

Problem with my car? Google it.
Need to find a good restaurant? Google it.
How to raise my child?  Google it.

Found this one Blog post that I think is going to by my go-to for baby raising needs.  Good stuff.

My Update – 9-Feb-2009

Mom and Dad went to the doctors again today. Mom is now 3 cm dilated and 90% effaced.  They also found out that my station was a 0, possibly +1.  For all you readers who have no idea what these things mean, here is a good explanation.

The doctor says I am about 7 pounds. The doctor also felt some hair on my head. That really wierded me out but it’s all good

Due date is coming up fast. Check back here for updates on my progress.