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Beach Bum

I got dragged out to the Jersey Shore, Avalon specifically, to hit the waves.  I met up with some of Mom and Dad’s friends who were renting a place and we hit the sand.  My first experience with the water was not the best, the water is still quite cold.  But, subsequent dips resulted in much fewer tears.

Two New Videos of Me

First one is a few minutes before going out for the day.  I’ve had my four month birthday (yay, me) and I’m beginning to get much stronger.  I’m able to keep my head up for a much longer time.

This second video is of me rolling over.  I have been rolling over periodically for about 3 weeks, but I have only recently mastered the technique and now do it at will.  My mom is not happy with me sleeping on my stomach, but can she do?

Ufberg Visit

The Ufberg Clan (Paul, Jordy, Jack, Ella and Charlotte) came by for a visit before moving to the big AZ.  The cameras were a snapping, so here are the pictures.