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Aunt Beth and Uncle Mike Visit

My Aunt Beth and Uncle Mike flew in special to see me from San Jose, CA.  I was the only reason they came in.  It wasn’t for friends, family, birthdays, their anniversary or anything like that.  It was for me and me only.  So, the camera came out to capture the memories.

Please note, dad and I did not discuss shirt colors on the morning these pictures were taken.  I had the yellow on before him.

I also got a bath before Aunt Beth and Uncle Mike arrived.  I’ve become quite adept at splashing in the bathtub.  Mom needs a towel after I’m done with her.

I’m Quite the Swinger

The weather was great this weekend so Mom and Dad decided to take a walk to Sutcliffe Park.  My first ride in a swing was pretty good.  So good in fact, that I began to fall asleep.  Not before Dad was able to snap some photos, though.