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Some New Videos of Me

Dad took some new videos of me over the past few days.  The first is my new gizmo called an Exersaucer.  I really enjoy bouncing up and down and playing with all the various activities.  Note the flow of drool down my neck.


The second video is the one I’m most proud of.  I have recently learned that my hands are attached to my body.  It turns out, if I hit my hands together, it makes a great noise.  Also, everyone around me seems to get very happy when I hit my hands together.  So, for obvious reasons, I hit my hands together as much as possible.  Not because I like the sounds, but more because it seems everyone else enjoys it.


Home Early From Work, Photo Session Time

Dad came home a bit early from work today and I was in a particularly good mood.  So, out came the camera.  I’m now 6 months old.  I am able to stand with some help and I have really love clapping.

Taking a Dip in the Pool

Dad finally got the new pool liner in, filled with water and ready to swim.  The water was a bit chilly for my taste, but I got used to it pretty quickly and enjoyed doing some laps.


Not so sure about applesauce

Mom’s first attempt at something other then rice cereal.


SNL and Baby Toupee

A friend sent me this video..I’m totally getting one.

Watch Out For The New Ones in Daycare

So, this new girl arrives in daycare.  Really cute.  I scoot over to her and I’m laying on my “A” game pretty heavy.  I’m smiling, turning over on my stomach, you name it.

She is loving it.  She is gooing, drooling, she even spit up a couple times.  I figure I got this wrapped up.  I ask her if she wants to join me on the Boppy in the corner.

She’s hesitant.  I tell her, “Baby, baby, I’m clean.  I just got my shots.  I’m breastfed.  What are you worrying about?”  Finally, after like 15 minutes of begging, we play a little game of hands, foot & mouth.  It’s all the rage.  All the 6-month olds are doing it.  Well, that’s the last time I do it.  What a mistake!