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A Host of New Funny Videos

OK, I have an update of three videos that should bring a nice chuckle to your day.  I’m always in the mood to entertain and there is not a day that goes by that I do not put a smile on my parents face with some new antic.  Here are some of my latest accomplishments…

1.  When I was very young, maybe 4-6 months old, my dad’s good friend Dr Paul Ufberg came by with his wife Jordy and their three children Jack, Ella and Charley.  When Dr Paul was down here, I observed his habit of walking around while talking on his phone.  This is my best impression of him, using my Mom’s phone.

2.  Recently, I have tried to move away from these childish sippy cups.  I’m still learning, but Mom is giving me tiny sips of water from a glass.  Yes, I know I knock my teeth against the glass.  Yes, I know I stick my tongue into the water.  Yes, I know most of it dribbles down my shirt.  Deal with it!

3.  Lastly, my walking has really improved.  Gone are the days of Frankenstein arms to balance.  That was so last week.  Now, I’ve moved on to climbing stairs.  I’m well aware that each stair reach’s my waist, but that has not stopped me from walking up the stairs one step at a time, with a little help from Dad.