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Easter 2014

Uncle Mike and Aunt Beth hosted Easter this year.  Mike and Emily got to do some egg hunting and ride in the new Merc.

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Trip to Disneyland

Mom, Dad and I took a trip to the left coast to visit Disneyland.  We picked Disneyland because they have Cars Land and I love the movie Cars.  I had a great time going on all the rides.  I really enjoyed staying in the in Disneyland Grand Californian hotel, which even had a bunk bed!

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Christmas 2012

Quick picture of the three of use picking of the 2012 Christmas Tree.

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Fall Harvest at Merrymead Farm

We have a small dairy farm named Merrymead Farm that is a quick 45 minute drive away.  Mom, Dad and I met up with Uncle Mike, Aunt Beth and Baby Emily to enjoy some pumpkin picking, face painting, bouncy rides and hay rides.  Good stuff!



Watch Out World – Dad has been to Nikon School

Dad has been frustrated lately with his picture taking skills and decided an investment in some eduction was in order. So, he decided to attend the Nikon School.

Here are some recent picture he took of me post school. Pretty good, ehe?


My 2nd Birthday

I enjoyed another birthday with friends and family on the 20th of February.  It was Caillou themed and everyone seemed to have a great time.  In addition, my Aunt Trish made a great birthday card for me which was submitted to Sprout.  It was shown on the SproutOnline website and even was broadcast on The Sunny Side Up Show.


Opening Gifts on Christmas

I got to open his Christmas gifts a bit early.  As has become the tradition in our house, Christmas Eve is the gift opening time.  I really enjoyed opening all of my gifts from Mom and Dad.  The next day, we went to Mimi and Pop Pop’s house to open more gifts.


Christmas Decorating 2010

The Tobin house is getting ready for Christmas and I came downstairs in my PJs to do a little early decorating.  Later in they day, we got a tree and I helped put the ornaments up on it.  I know, I know I need a haircut.  I think Mom is taking me out this week to get a trim.


Halloween 2010

Halloween 2010 was a great time.  We started out at Gymboree on Sunday morning wearing my very cool monkey costume.  Early in the evening, we went to Aunt Trisha’s house for some costume time with my cousins.  From there I did some trick or treating around the neighborhood and had a lot of fun.


Some Easter Pictures

Mom went gonzo with the spring outfit, but I have to admit, I look pretty spiffy for Easter…enjoy…