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Max’s 2 Year Checkup

I had my 2 year check up today and everything came out fine. I need to increase my iron intake, but beyond that I’m a healthy 2 year old. Did you know Dad tracks my height weight on this site? Here is the updated graph:

Happy Baby is Back

I’ve had a tough last couple of months and I am only now getting back to normal.  I seem to catch everything and anything at daycare and Mom and Dad have now removed me from it.  In home care starts in December and I’m looking forward to not getting sick as often.

Now that I am feeling better, my overall personality is much better.  I’m laughing, not crying as much and generally have a very positive disposition, as you can see here.

Also, as a reminder, be sure to check out my Height and Weight chart at the top of the page.  I just made a visit to the doctor for my 9 month checkup (everything was fine).


A Video and an Explanation

First, I must apologize for the lack of posts.  I’ve had a tough last few weeks and I simply have not been in the mood for fun pictures or videos.  I got sick about 3 weeks ago and was not feeling my best.  I also got two more teeth in (that makes six!) so the whole teething thing has been pretty rough on both my parents and me.

Just last week, I was diagnosed with another ear infection (third in two months) and I was also diagnosed with a Respiratory Syncytial Virus Infection.  This infection has led to a lot of coughing, trouble sleeping and just general misery.

That being said, I’m feeling much better now.  I’m looking forward to spending Halloween with my Aunt Trish because Mom and Dad are attending a wedding.  Just to let everyone know I’m doing much better, this video should calm everyone’s fears!  Should have many more videos and pictures of some new accomplishments, including my crawling, some early steps and my first pair of shoes!  So exciting…For now, enjoy this video.


Watch Out For The New Ones in Daycare

So, this new girl arrives in daycare.  Really cute.  I scoot over to her and I’m laying on my “A” game pretty heavy.  I’m smiling, turning over on my stomach, you name it.

She is loving it.  She is gooing, drooling, she even spit up a couple times.  I figure I got this wrapped up.  I ask her if she wants to join me on the Boppy in the corner.

She’s hesitant.  I tell her, “Baby, baby, I’m clean.  I just got my shots.  I’m breastfed.  What are you worrying about?”  Finally, after like 15 minutes of begging, we play a little game of hands, foot & mouth.  It’s all the rage.  All the 6-month olds are doing it.  Well, that’s the last time I do it.  What a mistake!

Height and Weight Chart

I created a running log of Max’s height and weight as the doctor visits take place.  The link to the chart is at the top of the page.

Or, you can just click here and check it out.

98% Of Babies Manic-Depressive

This explained so much to my parents.

Now they understand my issues.

10 Day Doctor’s Appointment

I went to my pediatrician today for a 10 day check-up.  Everything checked out A-OK.

I now way 8 lbs, 3 oz.  This, unfortunately is 1 lb, 7 oz gained since my birth weight.

Mom and Dad are now sending me to The Biggest Loser.  I hope I can win.