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New Cousin and Pre-Eagles Playground

Uncle Mike and Aunt Beth had a baby, which means I got a new cousin!  I was really excited to hold her and check her out.   Here is a great picture of everyone…

The Eagles played on the west coast today, so Dad and I got a chance to play at a local playground.

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Ufberg Visit

The Ufberg Clan (Paul, Jordy, Jack, Ella and Charlotte) came by for a visit before moving to the big AZ.  The cameras were a snapping, so here are the pictures.

A Shout Out to the Ufbergs

Just a quick shout out to the Ufberg Clan out of Pittsburgh, PA.
I finally am big enough to fit into some of the custom clothes they sent me…

Easter 2009 and My Attempts at Talking

Here are some shots of my sweet Easter outfit for 2009.  I was going for the “Miami Beach circa 1964” look.  I think I hit it spot on.  Note the white linen pants?  Didn’t think they made those in baby clothes, did ya?

Also, here is a video of me whoring it up for the camera.  I was Mr. Chatterbox there until dad turned the camera on and seeing that red light is simply memorizing.