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They Don’t Call Me Fuzzy Wuzzy for Nothing

There are several sets of pictures here, spread out over the course of about 3 weeks.  The first bunch is from my visit with Aunt Tricia and Uncle Robb.

The second bunch is when my dad was feeling particularly creative and pulled out a mirror for me to sit on.  I’m really enjoying the mirror, in fact it has found a semi-permanent location near my crib so I can check myself out before going to sleep.

The third set is the inaugural walk with my new child carrier/back pack.  I really enjoyed taking a walk like this, although my parents legs were hurting the next day.  As you can see, I am able to fall asleep just about anywhere.

Tour of My Room

Mom and Dad are finally unveiling my new bedroom.  They did a good amount of work to get looking this good.  Let’s give them a big hand…