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Some Easter Pictures

Mom went gonzo with the spring outfit, but I have to admit, I look pretty spiffy for Easter…enjoy…

Christmas 2009

I am starting to get the feeling that I am going to like this holiday.  We went out for and put this great smelling tree in the house, hung a bunch of things on it and then a few days later, all these toys appeared underneath.  I don’t know what magical powers this tree has, but I like it.

My first Christmas went off well.  I got lots of great gifts from family and friends.  Here are the pictures to show you…

Also, great pictures at the end of this post of my new favorite thing, Dad’s iPhone!  I love to suck on it and bite it.  But, my favorite thing is to help him use it.  I have already figured out how to call Aunt Trish (several times) and I have mastered the art of putting my head in front of Dad’s when he is using it…again…pictures below.

Bed Time = Picture Time?

It was bed time for me a couple of nights ago and my late nap gave me a extra little burst of energy.  So, wearing some sweet new moose pajamas, Dad got some pictures before I went down for the night.  Enjoy!

Halloween Costume 2009

Mom decided to dress me as a spider this year for Halloween.  Unfortunately, my parents had to attend a wedding so I got to spend my first Halloween with Aunt Trish.  This was also my first overnight stay at a strangers house and I did fine.

Aunt Trish also has a bulldog puppy, Oliver.  He was not happy with my arrival and I think he was glad to see me go home.  In any case, pictures of both Oliver and my costume below.

A Shout Out to the Ufbergs

Just a quick shout out to the Ufberg Clan out of Pittsburgh, PA.
I finally am big enough to fit into some of the custom clothes they sent me…