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Watch Out For The New Ones in Daycare

So, this new girl arrives in daycare.  Really cute.  I scoot over to her and I’m laying on my “A” game pretty heavy.  I’m smiling, turning over on my stomach, you name it.

She is loving it.  She is gooing, drooling, she even spit up a couple times.  I figure I got this wrapped up.  I ask her if she wants to join me on the Boppy in the corner.

She’s hesitant.  I tell her, “Baby, baby, I’m clean.  I just got my shots.  I’m breastfed.  What are you worrying about?”  Finally, after like 15 minutes of begging, we play a little game of hands, foot & mouth.  It’s all the rage.  All the 6-month olds are doing it.  Well, that’s the last time I do it.  What a mistake!