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Watch Out World – Dad has been to Nikon School

Dad has been frustrated lately with his picture taking skills and decided an investment in some eduction was in order. So, he decided to attend the Nikon School.

Here are some recent picture he took of me post school. Pretty good, ehe?


Apple Picking at Linvila Orchards – Oct 2010

Mom, Dad, Blair, Liz and I all went to Linvila Orchards to do some apple picking.  I picked out some good ones for a future apple pie.  I also got to ride on a small train that is on the property.


My First Birthday Party

I had my 1st Birthday Party on Sunday February 14th, just 2 days before my actual birthday.  I had a great group of friends and family to help me celebrate.  The gift giving was very generous as was the icing on the cake.  Note the great job my Aunt Beth, Aunt Trish and Mom did on those Sesame Street cupcakes!  Jealous?

And a video…

Ufberg Visit

The Ufberg Clan (Paul, Jordy, Jack, Ella and Charlotte) came by for a visit before moving to the big AZ.  The cameras were a snapping, so here are the pictures.

Visitors in Early March

Mom and Dad decided to have some visitors over and of course the camera came out.

The first set of pictures are of friends Andrea and Justin.  The second set of pictures are of Michele and Allie Rothstein.

Of course, I was wearing my Pitt outfit today to cheer on Dad’s Alma mater in the big win over Number 1 ranked UCONN.

Max in His Movie Introduction to Aunt Beth and Uncle Mike

I felt the only true way to be introduced to Aunt Beth and Uncle Mike is by showing off my modeling poses and my newly found ability to wave and hiccup.  So, I had my dad make a video introduction to make it official.


My First Week Home

Mom and Dad didn’t get much sleep the past few days, but they hid it well as I had some visitors this week at my house.   I had my first doctors appointment today and everything checked out A-OK.

I lost some weight since leaving the hospital (normal) but gained some back.  Here are some of the latest pictures…