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Watch Out World – Dad has been to Nikon School

Dad has been frustrated lately with his picture taking skills and decided an investment in some eduction was in order. So, he decided to attend the Nikon School.

Here are some recent picture he took of me post school. Pretty good, ehe?


Opening Gifts on Christmas

I got to open his Christmas gifts a bit early.  As has become the tradition in our house, Christmas Eve is the gift opening time.  I really enjoyed opening all of my gifts from Mom and Dad.  The next day, we went to Mimi and Pop Pop’s house to open more gifts.


I’m a little tea pot…

Who says I can’t fit?


Swimming, Playing in the Park and Some Laughing

Let me first apologize for my dad and the lack of updates.  He recently upgraded digital cameras and he has had a devil of a time getting all of the settings correct.  This technology stuff is not his strong suit.

Anyway, the first couple of photos were taken at the local Community Center, where I am taking a toddler swimming class.  I am enjoying the class very much.  The second batch of photos is of my parents most recent find, a local park that has all kinds of climbing apparatus and slides that are geared towards my age group.  I really enjoy going down the slide and running around the park.

Lastly, a few videos of me.  The first is my mom and I playing.  I just can’t get enough of her leg going over my head.  The  second video is me realizing I’m on camera.  I stop whatever I might be doing and become fixated on that wonderful lens!  Lastly, a video of me getting the hang of feeding myself.  Those spoons are mighty tricky!




My First Birthday Party

I had my 1st Birthday Party on Sunday February 14th, just 2 days before my actual birthday.  I had a great group of friends and family to help me celebrate.  The gift giving was very generous as was the icing on the cake.  Note the great job my Aunt Beth, Aunt Trish and Mom did on those Sesame Street cupcakes!  Jealous?

And a video…

Some new videos for a new year…

It is a new year so I wanted to add some new videos of some accomplishments…

A video of my first tentative steps.  Not running the Boston Marathon yet, but soon.

Here I am using a kitchen chair to act as my “walker”.  Why my parents by these toys and gadgets to aid in my walking is beyond me, this works fine!

Last, but not least, the newest thing I learned is to avoid getting all that nasty soapy water in my face when Mom washes my hair.  Here is a video of my lean-back technique.

    Christmas 2009

    I am starting to get the feeling that I am going to like this holiday.  We went out for and put this great smelling tree in the house, hung a bunch of things on it and then a few days later, all these toys appeared underneath.  I don’t know what magical powers this tree has, but I like it.

    My first Christmas went off well.  I got lots of great gifts from family and friends.  Here are the pictures to show you…

    Also, great pictures at the end of this post of my new favorite thing, Dad’s iPhone!  I love to suck on it and bite it.  But, my favorite thing is to help him use it.  I have already figured out how to call Aunt Trish (several times) and I have mastered the art of putting my head in front of Dad’s when he is using it…again…pictures below.

    Santa’s Lap and My First Snowfall

    Within two days, I got to sit on Santa Claus’ lap and experience my first snowfall.

    My Santa visit went off without a hitch.  Mom and Dad thought it would be a repeat of my last photo session with water-works galore, but it didn’t happen.  I was more curious by the big man’s beard then anything else.

    Also, there was a major snowfall today and Mom and Dad took some pictures of my first experience in snow.  I wasn’t particularly thrilled, especially when there is a perfectly warm house to play in.  Enjoy!

    Bed Time = Picture Time?

    It was bed time for me a couple of nights ago and my late nap gave me a extra little burst of energy.  So, wearing some sweet new moose pajamas, Dad got some pictures before I went down for the night.  Enjoy!

    A Video and an Explanation

    First, I must apologize for the lack of posts.  I’ve had a tough last few weeks and I simply have not been in the mood for fun pictures or videos.  I got sick about 3 weeks ago and was not feeling my best.  I also got two more teeth in (that makes six!) so the whole teething thing has been pretty rough on both my parents and me.

    Just last week, I was diagnosed with another ear infection (third in two months) and I was also diagnosed with a Respiratory Syncytial Virus Infection.  This infection has led to a lot of coughing, trouble sleeping and just general misery.

    That being said, I’m feeling much better now.  I’m looking forward to spending Halloween with my Aunt Trish because Mom and Dad are attending a wedding.  Just to let everyone know I’m doing much better, this video should calm everyone’s fears!  Should have many more videos and pictures of some new accomplishments, including my crawling, some early steps and my first pair of shoes!  So exciting…For now, enjoy this video.