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New Cousin and Pre-Eagles Playground

Uncle Mike and Aunt Beth had a baby, which means I got a new cousin!  I was really excited to hold her and check her out.   Here is a great picture of everyone…

The Eagles played on the west coast today, so Dad and I got a chance to play at a local playground.

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Every Kid Should be Able to Feed a Giraffe


Have you fed a giraffe today?  I did…

Cousins (and dog) Photo Session at Valley Forge Park

What do you get when you combine 3 cousins, a bulldog and 1 photographer (my dad) trying to get some good shots?  Over 400 pictures, with 20 or so that are usable.  Here are some of dad’s favorites….

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Local Park in January

Dad and I decided to give Mom a break and run around the park.  It was a brisk January afternoon and only a light coat was needed.

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Winter and Christmas 2011

Sorry for the delayed pictures of winter and Christmas 2011.  It has been a crazy few months around the Tobin house and I just have not had a chance to get these pictures uploaded.  I had a great time this holiday season and I’m looking forward to 2012 and my third year on this planet!

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Fall Harvest at Merrymead Farm

We have a small dairy farm named Merrymead Farm that is a quick 45 minute drive away.  Mom, Dad and I met up with Uncle Mike, Aunt Beth and Baby Emily to enjoy some pumpkin picking, face painting, bouncy rides and hay rides.  Good stuff!



Strasburg Railroad

Mom, Dad and I took a trip to the Strasburg Railroad.  I had a great time riding on this steam engine in the open air on a beautiful 80 degree day.



99 Degrees and the Hose is On

The temp in Conshohocken hit 99 degrees this week.  Mom and Dad did some yard work and had to water the new sod.  I got in the way of the host a few times.



Festivus for the Restivus

Mom and Dad have taken me to two different festivals in the past two weeks. The first one was the Chestnut Hill Garden Festival and the second was the 9th Street Italian Festival. Pictures were taken. The last picture is of my new BFF, Toby and Fran.


Watch Out World – Dad has been to Nikon School

Dad has been frustrated lately with his picture taking skills and decided an investment in some eduction was in order. So, he decided to attend the Nikon School.

Here are some recent picture he took of me post school. Pretty good, ehe?