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New Cousin and Pre-Eagles Playground

Uncle Mike and Aunt Beth had a baby, which means I got a new cousin!  I was really excited to hold her and check her out.   Here is a great picture of everyone…

The Eagles played on the west coast today, so Dad and I got a chance to play at a local playground.

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Swimming, Playing in the Park and Some Laughing

Let me first apologize for my dad and the lack of updates.  He recently upgraded digital cameras and he has had a devil of a time getting all of the settings correct.  This technology stuff is not his strong suit.

Anyway, the first couple of photos were taken at the local Community Center, where I am taking a toddler swimming class.  I am enjoying the class very much.  The second batch of photos is of my parents most recent find, a local park that has all kinds of climbing apparatus and slides that are geared towards my age group.  I really enjoy going down the slide and running around the park.

Lastly, a few videos of me.  The first is my mom and I playing.  I just can’t get enough of her leg going over my head.  The  second video is me realizing I’m on camera.  I stop whatever I might be doing and become fixated on that wonderful lens!  Lastly, a video of me getting the hang of feeding myself.  Those spoons are mighty tricky!




Bath Time for Bonzo

Mom and Dad decided to give me a bath last night.  I’m starting to get the hang of them and I don’t scream and cry nearly as much as I used to.  Pictures below…

Swing Low, Sweet Chariot..

Mom and Dad got me this sweet new swing the other day.  I really enjoy it.  It makes Mom a little sea-sick to watch me in it, but I like it.  It plays music, has a neat mirror and it makes Mom sick – what more can a growing boy ask for?  Check out the video below of me doing my thing in the swing…

Dad also figured out this YouTube thing, so now the correct video sizing will be on this site.  He is a bit slow on the uptake with this technology stuff, but I have faith in him.